(1 € is around 5 Lei.)
There are 5 tariffs depending on how long you stay and when you register and pay:
EARLY BIRD: stay 1-14 days 100 lei/stay/adult + 2 lei/pers/day,
EARLY BIRD: stay 15-30 days 100 lei/stay/adult + 1 lei/pers/day
REGULAR: stay 1-14 days 150 lei/stay/adult + 2 lei/pers/day,
REGULAR: stay 15-30 days 150 lei/stay/adult + 1 lei/pers/day,
SHORT: stay 1-4 days 50 lei/adult/day
(Please register!).
How come it is so cheap? (Read below!)
The only other costs are those with the catering and accommodation and you decide how much you spend.

Activities: All the workshops, presentations and activities cost nothing more for the festival visitor. How is this possible? Read below.


  • Do it yourself
  • Build cooking teams. The previous years proved that small groups cooking together were easier to organize and manage than centrally planned meals. Besides it gives the participants a feeling of community and they can get together easier. The costs of such meals are significantly lower than through a catering service. Do not underestimate the amount of fun and new learnt things that occur during such an experience. Vegetarians, vegans, etc can easily satisfy their needs.

Accommodation: Free of charge in your tent / camper:
Almost free of charge if you rent a tent, bed, and sleeping bag (9lei/person/day)
Ammenities: drinking water, electricity, showers (hot water), toilets, stage,
How is that possible? (Read below)
Guest rooms: Guests houses in the village charge between 80 Lei (17 Euros) and 100 Lei (21 Euros) per room. Ask us for details.

WHY is the participation fee so low?

  • Like in the previous years we have a great supporter  in Mr. Cornel Greavu. He is the mayor of Dragus, the village the festival will take place in. He is providing us with an almost rent free place to camp, showers, WC’s, drinking water, electricity, etc. With such people, it is no wonder why Dragus-Village was recently voted the most beautiful village in Romania.
  • The festival is organized by several families. They put a lot of effort into making this happen. No money can reward them better than the great (amount of) people attending the festival. Last years we had people coming not only from Romania but from as far as UK, Lithuania, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary only to attend the festival. Can money buy us that satisfaction? We guess not!
  • All workshops are free to attend because those who hold them believe in the power of sharing knowledge (at no or low cost). Occasionally there are small expenses made by the workshop organizers. In these cases the participation fee will cover the expenses.
  • You definitely have a skill that you would like to share with us. In fact this is what makes this festival a great one. Sharing knowledge without having an expectation other than making this planet a better place to live on. You don’t want to share any skills with us? No worries. Come and enjoy anyway.