We are happy that you are considering getting together with people passionate about education outside of school. We hope to be able to answer some of your questions in the next lines! Photo by Roxana & Daniel Susca (www.susca.life)

What could be the reasons for you to join our festival:
• Meet like-minded friends
• Meet homeschooling families from other countries
• Make new friends
• Exchange homeschooling experiences
• Pass on the enthusiasm originating from personal achievements
• Counseling
• Explore new places and live new adventures
• Make new memories and connections within the HS/US community

Homeschoolers, unschoolers, roadschoolers, worldschoolers or any kind of schoolers, already being or in progress, from Romania and abroad. Please come to our festival only if you are interested in alternative education. Children should be accompanied by at least one of the parents and vice versa. Only registered visitors are allowed on the compound. Register now!

From 18th of June until 18th of July 2021

The festival will take place on the camp site of Dragus Village in Romania. For more details, please read the page Getting There

What can you do during your stay:
• Mingle and play
• Share personal experiences
• Learning through play and amusement, just like education is supposed to be. We will follow again our successful method from the previous years: Parents and children organize the workshops and activities themselves.
You can find more details on the page Schedule
• Having a great time in the Adventure Park next door. Festival visitors get discounted rates

How? The page Costs explains all the costs of housing and catering. Please fill in the form for your registration.